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2023, what a ride! It's been a year of whirlwind learning, of opportunities blossoming like sunflowers under the Tanzanian sun, and yes, of challenges that tested our mettle like sturdy baobab trees in a storm. But through it all, one thing stands tall: gratitude.

We want to start by saying a massive "Asante!" to the universe, to God, for guiding our steps and whispering courage in our ears when the path seemed uncertain. It's your hand we feel on our shoulders, pushing us forward when doubt threatened to creep in.

Next, a big, juicy "Thank you!" to the Government of Tanzania. You saw the spark in our eyes, the potential in our digital seeds, and chose to nurture them. As beneficiaries of building a better tomorrow. You believed in a bunch of young dreamers, and that, my friends, is a gift beyond measure.

Our connector, Kirenga:

Our first encounter came when we were introduced to the Ministry of Agriculture, thank you Mr. Godfrey Kirenga. We cannot forget the day Minister Bashe introduced us to President Samia Suluhu Hassan. The earth seemed to shift beneath our feet, excitement blooming like a thousand sunflowers. Suddenly, our small dream felt colossal, our responsibility immense. But Minister Bashe's trust, like a gentle breeze, nurtured that excitement into conviction. We knew, in that moment, that we had to do great things, not just for ourselves, but for all those hands that had helped us rise.

Meeting the President:

A special thank you to  President Samia Suluhu Hassan, whose unwavering commitment to agriculture has allowed MazaoHub to reach over 33,000 farmers. The investments in irrigation schemes, the emphasis on bringing farmers together in the irrigation schemes has allowed us to easily digitize farmers using MazaoHub – these are the fertile grounds where our seeds have blossomed. And as we look towards the future, one wish burns bright: continued investment in infrastructure, hand-in-hand with the next generation of agricultural minds. Dear Mama, your dedication to agriculture, your vision for a thriving, green Tanzania, is the wind beneath our wings. Because of you, AGRF came to our land, and with it, a chance to share our story with the world during agribusiness deal room. Investors listened, partners joined hands, and suddenly, the future felt even brighter.

Thank you Our Lovely Permanent Secretary:

And rise we did. The Permanent Secretary from Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Mweli, opened doors, gave us a platform to share our dream. We met with directors general from all agricultural boards and departments, their ears open, their hearts receptive. But our journey wasn't confined to Tanzania. We crossed borders, shaking hands with commercial farmers in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia. We had delegate from Federal Ministry of Agriculture from Nigeria, impressed by our steps, invited us to orchestrate a pilot for 6,000 farmers – a grand mazurka! Even Cambodia joined the dance, 500 acres swaying to the tune of MazaoHub, customized for their unique soil and sun.

The Partnership:

And oh, the partnerships! WFP, USAID, CRDB, research institutions, Climate Policy Initiative, you joined hands with us, and together, we're building a better future for agriculture, one pixel at a time. To the 16 manufacturers, 33,000 farmers, 76 commercial farmers, 400 agro dealers, 89 extension officers and soil scientists and much more who trusted us from the very beginning, your faith in us is a seed we'll nurture with all our heart this 2024.

Cooperatives, extension officers, MCODE, SAGCOT, you are the bridge between MazaoHub and the farmers, the lifeblood of our mission. Thank you for walking alongside us, for believing in the power of technology to empower those who feed the nation.

But hold on, we're just getting started! 2023 was a foundation, a springboard, and 2024? Well, 2024 is a whole new chapter. The goals we've set are ambitious, the dreams we're chasing are audacious, and yes, a little bit scary. But hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?

As we embark on new horizons, venturing beyond Tanzanian borders and sowing the seeds of MazaoHub in fertile lands abroad, our hearts brim with a gratitude as vast as the savannah under a starlit sky. For the roots of our success in 2023 run deep, nourished by the unwavering support of a nation, the daring of investors, and the beating pulse of our farmers.

A Nation's Belief:

Without Tanzania's outstretched hand, the seeds of MazaoHub would have remained dormant, mere dreams whispering in the wind. We salute the visionary leadership of our government, for believing in the audacious ambition of young Tanzanians like us. Your investments in irrigation schemes and farmer collectives have become fertile ground for MazaoHub to flourish, connecting over 33,000 farmers to a brighter future. Each irrigation canal, each bustling cooperative, stands as a testament to your unwavering commitment to agriculture, and the ripples of your vision touch every grain harvested, every smile etched on a farmer's face.

Investors: Champions of Dreams:

Our dreams were ambitious, our journey arduous, and for an untested sapling like MazaoHub, attracting investors in distant lands could have seemed like scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in sandals. Yet, there were those who saw not our present limitations, but the boundless potential woven into our vision. To those courageous investors who took a leap of faith with us in 2023, our gratitude reverberates like a joyous drumbeat. You are the rain that quenched our thirst, the wind that propelled our sails. By believing in us when belief was scarce, you ignited a fire within us, a burning passion to build a global climate agriculture operating system, an ecosystem where all stakeholders dance in harmony under the sun.

Farmers: The Heartbeat of MazaoHub:

But amidst the grand dreams and lofty goals, a simple truth resonates within us: MazaoHub exists for the farmers, the calloused hands that till the soil, the eyes that watch seeds sprout into life. They were the first to believe, before any boardroom or investor, their trust a flickering flame that guided us through darkness. To our 33,000 farmer-friends, the lifeblood of our enterprise, our deepest gratitude flows like a mighty river. You are not just customers, you are partners, co-creators of a future where technology empowers your sweat, where data becomes your shield against uncertainty, and where every harvest sings a song of abundance.

The MazaoHub Family:

And finally, a tear of pride rolls down our cheek as we turn to our own MazaoHub family, the ones who have weathered storms and celebrated sunrises with us. From Adelard Josephat Urassa, who slept in the office to nurture our fledgling vision, to Fatuma Chitu, the tenacious developer whose code hums with unwavering resolve, each of you is a brick in the edifice of our success.

Rajab Pazi, the master of integration, your expertise is the bridge that connects our dreams to reality. Sharon Novatus Makunga, our "tech magic," your coding fingers weave spells of progress, inspiring us to fight the good fight. Raya Khalfan, your brilliance illuminates even the darkest corners, and Janeth Sambwe, your steady hand steadies the ship, your meticulousness the compass that guides us true.

Gipson Bamuhaga, our resident scientist, your dedication to local innovation, to creating our own soil sensor, has borne fruit in 2023, a testament to your tireless pursuit of knowledge. Each of you, dear MazaoHub family, are the heroes of this epic saga, and as we step into 2024, hand in hand, hearts ablaze, we know that together, we can cultivate a future as bountiful as the Tanzanian soil itself.

Deus, the Operations Maestro:Without your nimble fingers guiding outreach strategies, those 33,000 farmers' smiles wouldn't be painting our canvas. You, Deus, are the bridge that connects seeds of innovation to fertile fields of adoption.

Ms. Emily, the Agribusiness Acrobat: Joining late but leaping over hurdles with the grace of a seasoned athlete, your expertise, Ms. Emily, has been a game-changer in 2023. Every victory earned in the agribusiness arena bears your fingerprint.

Vumilia, Samweli, Richard, Juliana, and the Unsung Heroes: Like a hidden chorus enriching the melody, your contributions, though not explicitly mentioned, resonate deeply. Every line of code, every field visit, every sleepless night fuels our journey. To all of you, our silent heroes, a bow of deepest gratitude.

As the echoes of "Happy New Year!" fade and 2024 unfurls its vibrant petals, our hearts, at MazaoHub, overflow with a melody of gratitude. For 2023 wasn't just a year; it was a symphony, each note meticulously played by the extraordinary hands of countless individuals. It's time to lift the curtain and give each musician their well-deserved ovation.

Learning from the Discordant Notes:

As we step into 2024, let's not forget the lessons learned from the disharmonies of 2023. Every mistake, every challenge, is a stepping stone, a teacher disguised as hardship. My plea, dear MazaoHub family, is to embrace transparency, to let the truth ring out even when it's uncomfortable. For only by acknowledging the off-key notes can we compose a symphony of excellence in 2024.

Forgive the Wrong Notes, Embrace the New Score:

As your leader, I know I haven't always hit the right notes. For every missed cue, every oversight, please accept my heartfelt apology. Let's leave the imperfections of 2023 behind, united in our passion for a stronger, brighter future.

The Grand Overture of 2024:

The stage is set for a breathtaking performance in 2024. Our ambitious score includes reaching 250,000 farmers, transforming farmer support centers into digitized havens of knowledge, and building bridges across continents, connecting scientists, investors, and climate experts to harmonize the music of sustainable agriculture.

To Investors Doubting the Tempo:

To those still hesitant to join our dance, we say, "Come, listen to the music! Watch the MazaoHub orchestra in action. Give us 2 to 5 years, and witness the crescendo of success. Be a part of a winning team, a team that makes the world a greener, more bountiful place."

From the bottom of our overflowing hearts, a chorus of "Asante sana" rises. Thank you, each and every one, for making 2023 a year etched in the annals of MazaoHub history. Together, let's turn 2024 into an epic masterpiece, a symphony of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering hope for a future where agriculture sings in perfect harmony with the planet.

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