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From Humble Beginnings to Revolutionizing Agriculture:

My story as the founder of MazaoHub is deeply rooted in the struggles of smallholder farmers. Growing up on a small farm myself, I witnessed firsthand the challenges my family and countless others faced – limited access to agronomic support, low yields, poor market access, and vulnerability to climate change.

The core challenge lies in the scarcity of extension officers. Imagine a single officer managing over 4,000 farmers in one village, relying solely on manual methods. Farmers are left to experiment, often applying fertilizers blindly, unaware of their soil's needs or the environmental impact. This not only results in low productivity and poor-quality crops but also contributes to climate change and perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, limited data hinders access to credit, leaving farmers trapped in a subsistence existence. Banks lack the information to assess their creditworthiness, forcing them to resort to guesswork and exploitative middlemen. Additionally, post-harvest losses of 30-40% devastate harvests before they even reach markets, and farmers often lack market access altogether.

Insurance, climate change adaptation, and achieving quality standards are further hurdles. Farmers struggle to navigate these issues due to a lack of information and resources. Disorganization within the agricultural sector further exacerbates these challenges.

These challenges, passed down through generations, kept farmers trapped in a cycle of poverty and insecurity.

Determined to break this cycle, I embarked on a mission to empower smallholder farmers with the tools and resources they need to thrive. MazaoHub was born from this vision – an AI-powered platform that leverages data and technology to transform the lives of farmers across Africa.

Unveiling the Power of Data:

MazaoHub collects data from various sources, including portable soil sensors, satellites, drones, mobile apps, and remote sensors. Our AI processes this data to provide farmers with personalized insights and recommendations tailored to their specific needs and challenges.


  • Precise Agronomy: AI-powered guides tailored to your unique farm, village, crops, budget, language, climate, soil, and water, delivered in the most understandable way possible.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Get soil health analysis, weather forecasts, and crop monitoring insights to make informed choices and optimize your farm's performance.
  • Financial Empowerment: Access to loan opportunities through partnerships with banks based on your farm data and performance history.
  • Direct Market Access: Connect directly with buyers through our platform, eliminating exploitative middlemen and ensuring fair prices.
  • Improved Sustainability: Implement regenerative agriculture practices to combat climate change and improve soil health.

Beyond Farmers:

MazaoHub's impact extends beyond farmers, empowering various stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem:

  • Input Suppliers: Manage inventory, track farmer relationships, and streamline distribution.
  • Financial Institutions: Assess creditworthiness and facilitate loan recovery with reliable data.
  • International Agencies: Track the impact of investments and measure social and environmental progress.
  • Food Companies: Ensure traceability and quality control throughout the supply chain.

Our Team

MazaoHub brings together experts in engineering, agronomy, design, finance, and consulting to revolutionize agriculture. A diverse team with 30+ years' experience that have worked with Yara, Syngenta, cooperatives, One Acre Fund, farms, finance, tech companies


MazaoHub empowers smallholder farmers with AI and climate data, enabling them to prosper and regenerate our planet for a food-secure future.


Every farm thriving for people and planet.